King Gizzard and the Bulldog

Two summers ago, me and a few friends ended up in the back of The Other Tent at Bonnaroo during King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s set while waiting for some other band to go on. We stayed for a bit before moving on.

After this listening to them this entire past week, we should have stayed.

I would call King Gizzard one of the headlining bands for what genre-heads would call neo-psychadelia, up there with bands such as Tame Impala, Animal Collective and The Flaming Lips. What makes Melbourne’s offering so unique is how often they release new music, and how different that music is from the previous offering.

I’ve linked what I think are their two most standout albums: Float Along — Fill Your Lungs above, and Nonagon Infinity below.

Float Along offers the more traditional side of psychadelic rock, but starts with Gizzard’s magnum opus Head On/Pill. It takes balls to start an album with a 16+ minute jam session, but drummer Michael Cavanaugh keeps the energy going throughout.



King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Nonagon Infinity, by contrast, plays out as a 41 minute live show that almost never drops its pace. Its intro Robot Stop is one of the best driving songs I’ve heard in the past year, and seamlessly keeps its core theme and rhythm into Big Fig Wasp.

Mr. Beat and Invisible Face help to give a break with some more funk-based tunes, before ramping up to Road Train, the album’s closer and strangest sounding song.

Except it’s not over. Not only does every song lead into the next, Road Train keeps on rolling back into Robot Stop. Be careful not to leave this on repeat or you may end up listening all day by accident.

I think I’m going to back off of explaining every Beatles song, as anything I have to say has been said by countless others. Feel free to enjoy.


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