Xenia Rubinos, You’re a Rich (wo)Man

I recently bought tickets to a Regina Spektor concert in March, checking off one more of my top artists to see (thanks Kanye). So maybe that’s why, along with listening to her, I’ve had Brooklyn’s Xenia Rubinos playing this whole week.

Whenever I introduce friends to Xenia, I like to describe her as “Latin Regina Spektor.” Her songs incorporate a bunch of unusual sounding vocals across a wide variety of genres like punk, noise rock and soul. Tracks like Help bring a more R&B feel, while the more traditional Hair Receding demonstrates Rubinos’ range escalating throughout.

My absolute favorite part of Rubinos’ music is her supporting musicians, especially her drummer. When you think of a singer-songwriter, supporting parts are commended for keeping the song’s mood consistent much like Rubinos’ own keyboard playing. But drummer Marco Buccelli stands out with his surprisingly technical drum parts for this kind of music. Cherry Tree‘s offbeat snares and awkward accented beats keep me anticipated even after hearing the song hundreds of times.

Check her out here https://xeniarubinos.bandcamp.com/


Xenia Rubinos

Ah, Magical Mystery Tour. I’m not sure what popular opinion is on this album, but personally it’s one of my less favored releases. I probably just need to give it a few more listens through, but for now the standout track for me is Baby, You’re a Rich Man (partnered up with All You Need Is Love of course).


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