Bands: Hop Along (because Tomorrow Never Knows)

I think this album defined last year for me.

I first heard about Hop Along from my former radio co-host who was big into indie rock like Speedy Ortiz and Waxahatchee. I expected it to be good, your typical alternative indie band with a few good songs that sound the same that you move on from after about a week or two.

Boy, was I wrong.

Frontwoman Frances Quinlan’s smokey, scratchy vocals bring different levels of emotions to every song, whether she’s backed by her band singing about her ex’s hate-filled girlfriend in Waitress or lamenting the passage of time in Happy to See Me. This is an album to listen to straight through.


Frances Quinlan, Hop Along

I changed my mind probably 20 times before deciding on the order I was going to do The Beatles in. Going through the albums in order left me unhappy, alphabetical seemed too boring, and I needed some kind of consistency.

So I decided to pick one song from an album and then pick another from the next one chronologically. This way, it constantly moves through the release timeline and allows me to avoid songs I truly don’t like for as long as possible.

We’re starting with my all-time favorite song on what is currently my favorite album: Tomorrow Never Knows, from Revolver. It’s everything a song should aspire to be in its simple, unique drumming and total energy throughout.


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