An Introduction to the Album

When I found out I was going to need to make a blog for my class this semester, I knew it was going to be about music.This is gonna be a bit long, so settle in and get comfortable while I explain why I’m even doing this. Through all the changes in my life and trends that have drifted in and out of existence, music is the one thing that’s always been there for me. While my tastes have certainly changed (for better or worse), I still get that wonderful feeling of frisson when listening to a favorite song or a particularly moving melody and that’s something I want to try and share.

The first time I really started seeking out my own music to listen to was in 2007 at the ripe old age of 11. My dad is a huge music nerd, always listening to classic records and amassing a collection that is nearing (if not already passed) 3,000. My most vivid memories of childhood are waking up on Sunday mornings and hearing Breakfast With the Beatles.

But I wasn’t really aware of the spectrum that existed until playing Guitar Hero 3. Something in that game sparked something within me. I was exposed to a whole world of music I barely knew existed.

Nine years later and probably thousands of hours listened, I’ve grown as both a musician and a person. I moved from Guitar Hero to Rock Band, Rock Band to buying a drum-kit, drum-kit to bass, and bass to the granddaddy of them all: guitar.

Why Bands, Beatles & Bullshit? It’s the only thing I’ve always known. I grew up listening to The Beatles through my dad, I found my own way through the ocean of music through his approval and motivation. As for bullshit: sometimes it’s nice to vent about whatever’s going on in your life, and for me the one thing always accompanying my thoughts is music.

So that’s what this is. A blog highlighting bands I like, featuring a random Beatles song with my thoughts on it. Maybe there’ll occasionally be some passionate typing about something; maybe not. I’ll leave that up to whether or not I get to unwind with some guitar by the end of the day.

This is dedicated to my dad and to whatever otherworldly force allowed all these beautiful musicians to create emotions stronger than anything imaginable.


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